Aeman Hlal: Violinist, composer and arranger. He studied at music college in Syria. He has performed with many bands, playing a wide variety of genres such as jazz, flamenco and oriental music. He plays also with the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra (SEPO).

Daisam Jalo: is an Oud player, composer and ethnomusicologist. He graduated in 2009 from the high institute of music in Syria as Oud player and in 2015 he got his Master in Ethnomusicology in Germany. As well as playing with Orphé, Daisam is active in a number of different groups playing Jazz amongst other styles of music.

Rob Barr: Studied music and audio technology at Stow College in Glasgow, Scotland where he played guitar in a number of folk, rock and experimental bands. Has also performed and recorded music in a wide variety of styles with artists from Scotland and further afield.

Wesam Krema: is a composer, audio designer, piano and accordion player. In Syria, he graduated with a degree in Music in 2011 as piano player. Experienced in diverse genres of music (blues, oriental, electro), he has played with different bands in Syria, Turkey and Germany.

Seb Thieme: bass player in Orphé, he's a multiinstrumentalist, composer and arranger. Growing up in the U.S., he graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and Music. His eclectic musical projects are mainly inspired by classical, jazz as well as 1960-70s folkloric/ pop/ counterculture music from around the globe. He also DJs Cassette Tapes.

Romeo Natour: is a musician who was introduced to oriental percussion by his family at the age of six. His first concert he played at the same age with a percussion ensemble named Van Kampen. He played with different bands such as Agujeta Chico, Azuleo, Hans Hartmann, Embryo, Debjit Pahari. Apart from percussion, He is also experienced in playing the Nay, an Arabic woodwind.

Nafea Abo Assi: He studied at music college in Syria. Played trumpet in oriental orchestras in Syria and many different brass bands. He has a great deal of experience playing oriental scales on trumpet. He is also a Djembi player. Having played in a number of African musical ensemble.